Automobile mileage reminder advertising premium used to track oil changes.  Brass. 1930's(?)​​

Ben Bey Cigars     

The images in the gallery below provide a more typical glimpse into the types of print advertising that were employed to promote Ben Bey Cigars..

Ben Bey Cigars were very infrequently promoted in print.  When ads did appear, they were more often placed by the retailer than the company.  This practice contrasts sharply with that of most other leading cigar brands.  Full-page ads in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications were routinely placed  by Ben Bey's competitors.

There is one conspicuous departure from this modest stance in advertising.   Nathan Elson & Co purchased the entire front cover of the May 31, 1924 issue of the United States Tobacco Journal.  The accompanying article touted the success of the Ben Bey cigar and noted, as further evidence of its success, that the cost of the placement exceeded the entire outlay of its initial tobacco purchase.  The cover appears immediately below.  (Image made available by Elson family member.)

Print Ads