Automobile mileage reminder advertising premium used to track oil changes.  Brass. 1930's(?)​​

Ben Bey Cigars     

Post Card depicting a Ben Bey pennant and what could possibly be Nathan Elson with a cigar. Could also be Nathan Zazove, Nathan's nephew by marriage.  This photo might have been taken in the Ben Bey factory.  This is a "White Border Era" post card dating from 1915-1930.  This post card was found in a box of mementos owned by Rose (Ostrovsky/Ostrom) Ruttenberg, who was Nathan's niece and who, according to news accounts of the time,  served as his "Chief Assistant" at the company (see article below).  From the collection of Bari Nash, Rose's grand-niece.  

Article announcing the retirement of Rose Ostrom, Nathan's niece and "Chief Assistant".  This article likely appeared in a tobacco trade publication and dates from approximately September, 1927.  From the collection of Bari Nash.

Promotional correspondence written by Clarke Cutler, long-time Sales Manager of the Nathan Elson & Co.  Dates from September 10, 1932.

Ben Bey Cubans inner foil lining. Unknown date.

Ben Bey March and Two-Step Sheet Music.   "Trademark Registered by Grommes & Kennedy Co, Chicago. Used by Permission".  Copyright 1904.   There is a later version of this sheet music with the National Music Co logo replacing The Albright Music Co logo.  There are also small versions of the score without graphics for various instruments.

Spice Bin (Pepper), 30 Pound, with label that is almost identical to Ben Bey graphics. It is not an exact match but the similarities are more than coincidental.  Appears to date from around 1900, approximately the same time the Ben Bey brand design was developed.  There is no known connection between the manufacturer of this bin and Grommes & Kennedy. 

On this page are miscellaneous items that did not seem to fit well in any of the other categories on this web site.  A description is provided under each photo.

Ben Bey Cuff Links. 14K gold with diamonds in original gift case. No manufacturer's marks.  It is unclear as to whether this was a family piece or a gift to a valued employee.