Automobile mileage reminder advertising premium used to track oil changes.  Brass. 1930's(?)​​

Ben Bey Cigars     

Cigar Boxes

Ben Bey cigar boxes were first manufactured in 1900 and continue to be produced today.  Materials used include wood, tin, cardboard, and even plastic.  The dominant themes of the sheik on horseback and the trademark cross pattee have been constants throughout. 

While Ben Bey was the mainstay cigar brand of Grommes & Kennedy, Grommes & Elson, and Nathan Elson & Co, other lines were also produced.  Robert Bacon, Iliad, and Rosa Vista cigar boxes are known to exist.  

Several other brands, such as El Cubo, El Parcial, and Hyland Golf & Country Club may have also been produced, as evidenced by references in the literature or labels that have been discovered.  However, no actual boxes for those brands appear to have surfaced.  Click on the buttons of interest above for further information about cigar boxes.